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Please be aware that some of our services are modified to keep social distances and food services available.

This is an romance focused hotel. We respectively ask guests please notify us if traveling with infants and children.  Thank you!

We Care About Your Safety

At Avila La Fonda Hotel, we genuinely care about our guests and want to ensure you travel safely during your time away from home.  The cleanliness and food service of our hotel has always been a top priority from our opening day, and continues to be our top priority today. 

We have added new protocols to ensure our heightened safety and cleanliness standards are above the required procedures set fourth by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the California Lodging Industry Association. 

We have put in place enhanced safety practices at the front desk and in the lobby.  We are minimizing your contact with personnel – streamlining check-in and check-out processes.  We practice social distancing by ensuring a safe distance for interactions, and we disinfect anything you will touch. We have removed lobby items that in the past would have been shared by guests (such as magazines and newspapers) and we have established strictly enforced cleaning schedules for lobby furniture and fixtures.  We have a hand sanitizing station in the lobby and disinfecting wipes available to all guests.  Noting you will be welcomed by one of our friendly staff members when you check in, our hotel is focused on the well-being of our employees – ensuring they are healthy. They are instructed to not come to work if they are not well – and if they question their health, we ask that they take their temperature and verify they are well.  We have frequent wellness and safety training and we stress the importance of wellness and strict adherence to our safety protocols.  Importantly, we value their health as well as yours – you can take comfort in knowing that our caring associates recognize the importance of their health before they interact with you.   

We know that most of your time with us will be spent in your retreat.  Prior to your stay, your room will be sanitized, disinfected and closely inspected.  Every guest room is sanitized using ultraviolet equipment. Every guest room high touch point will be cleaned with chemicals aimed at killing the COVID-19 virus – door handles, light switches, thermostats, desk areas, hangers, television remotes, alarm clocks, coffee makers, telephones and all bathroom fixture handles and touch points.  Where you touch – it will have been cleaned with a focus on your safety. Hotel housekeepers will wear gloves and masks to ensure your safety as well as theirs. Prior to your walking through the door to your room, all linens and terrycloth products will have been washed at a high-heat temperature. Separate laundry carts are used for clean linens and towels to prevent cross-contamination, and all laundry carts are disinfected daily.  All laundry facilities and equipment are routinely inspected with only approved cleaning chemicals used. 

Providing our guests with the Avila La Fonda experience during your stay is very important to us. We have implemented a food and beverage program that ensures the food you receive is safe and healthy.

We want you to know that we truly care about you and your health. We strive to provide you a safe, clean home away from home as you visit our beautiful Avila Beach.


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